Penambahan Tepung Dalam Media perbanyakan Jamur Metarrhizium



Cahyo Artho Nugroho

Major Advisor : Ir. Hudi Haryono, MS.


Ones of factor that influence the high or low Metarhizium anisopliae conidia number is culture media (substrat). The abbility of culture media to supply nutritions on time range can increase the Metarhizium conidia number. Enhancer increament in corn milled that often used, can be done to increase the growth of conidia. The aims of this research is to find out the effect of wheat rice and wheat flour increament as The enhancer of Metarhizium conidia growth. The research was done on May until December 2006 at BPTP Jawa Timur laboratory. Randomizied Compleete Design is used in this research with two factors, media and the density of conidia that’s inoculated and reliplicated three times. The increament effect of wheat rice and wheat flour in corn milled media are analyzed by F test with signification level 5%. The results of research show that with wheat flour increament 1 gram per 100 gram corn milled media can maintain the sporulation time of Metarhizium until four week. On first week the average of Metarhizium conidia number that is produced by M0K1 treatment is 2,98 x 105 and M0K2 treatment is 8,2 x 105. In M1K1 treatment produce average of Metarhizium conidia number is 5,8 x 105 and on M1K2 treatment is 7,0 x 105. On wheat flour increament treatment with conidia density number of isolate is 106, M2K1 treatment produce average of conidia number is 1,2 x 106 and M2K2 treatment is 1,4 x 106. After four week, wheat flour increament treatment stil be able to produce higest average of conidia number with positive trend value. The trend of M2K1 is Y= 677691x2 – (2.106)x + (3.106). and for M2K2 treatment is Y = 588478x2 – (2.106)x + (3.106)

Keywords : Rice flour, Wheat Flour Metarhizium anisopliae and Conidia Number



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